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PT Jaya Baru Mandiri (Sumatera Utara, Indonesia)

PT. Jaya Baru Mandiri is a company engaged in the provision of services engineering workshop. We also serve the manufacture of machineries for medium and large industries such as machinery for Palm Oil Industry (Palm Oil Machinery). In 1980, has established a family business named Perbengkelan PT. Jaya Baru Mandiri which is located at Jalan Glugur and consists of 3 workers. Then after that, in 1990 the name of this workshop turned into PT. Jaya Baru Mandiri with 10 employees. As the business world grows, in 2010 the original small workshop has now become PT. Jaya Baru Mandiri and employs 50 employees and located at Jalan Ampera II No. 60. The company then expanded its wings and established a new branch in the industrial area of ​​Medan (KIM) I. The opening of the new branch is of course by improving the quality of production equipment by operationalizing robotic machines or known as CNC (Computer Numerical Control). used has reached more than 10 units and supports PT. Jaya Baru Mandiri in the production of machine spare parts used by palm mills and for other plant machinery.


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